SmartDrugstore 3.0.5 Plus

$399.00 $499.00

SmartDrugstore 3.0.5 Plus is a Complete Drugstore Management System. System Sales, patient records and regular customers shop, the inventory drugs, the drug information system, find the details of each drug for development  pharmacy, with both Stand Alone and LAN with affordable cost and reasonable to use the drug stores of all sizes


  •  All Function complete to work.( The plates trial before purchase  without any cost.)
  • It focuses on a simple and fast using ,the keyboard control over it.
  • Hot key system is fast - Separate client, Discount system by customer type
  • Ideal for medium and large drug stores with branch and inventory of the shop ,all the sale will cut at the inventory is Central Library and the library system can do  wholesale as well.


Print barcodes in many sizes  

SmartDrugstore can print barcodes for use on large and small items and barcodes are with prices immediately  without using other software joined this printing(recommend barcode generation TSC / 245 + +).


" SmartDrugstore 3.0.5 Plus is by far the most comprehensive Drugstore Management & Panel Billing Software in the market to date. I have evaluated and used other applications but none compares to the level of user friendliness & flexibility SmartDrugstore  has achieved." 


More cost effective compared to the function per function:

      • Medication Order History of Species and Company
      • Compare prices at lowest ever bought. and a maximum of each drug and the company.
      • Report on. 7-9 -10 revamped.
      • To receive the over drug had effect or not effect on the cost.
      • Payment system or a member and customer returns at the end of the year.
      • Manage Doctor diagnosis, investigation, treatments and medications 
      • Preload ICD-10 , ICD-9 lookup table for faster diagnosis classification
      • With sales reports and monitor the information displayed.
      • Summary and print sales per day immediately are convenience for pharmacy that staff are check the sales every day. It will save time and examined.
      • Warning when opening the software. (new)
        - Alerts expire date of product before depleted.
        - List expire date of product .
      • Select Delete sales data as needed. (new)
        -  Do not want to  store data of sales.
      • - Do not want to have to check the data of sales from others.
        - Delete by duration.
        - Keep only data members. 


SmartDrugstore 3.0.5 Plus - Main Features:

    • Create a list of formula medicine for specific diseases 
    • Reports by product groups and over time
    • Automatically check drug prices ever ordered
    • System Check a Drug Dealer 
    • Automatically check drug prices online
    • To receive the over drug had effect or not effect on the cost 
    • Payment system or a member and customer returns 
    • Use the monitor Display 
    • Summary and print sales per day  
    • Warning when opening the software (new) 
    • SmartClear sales data as needed and make applications faster  40 %

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